Dapper Dan

Tonight: @MassAppeal's documentary @FreshDressedMovie premieres on @CNN at 9pm EST. Tune in. #FreshDressed #Harlem #CNNFilms

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Watching it as we speak 💪🏾

Intimates by French Kiss L.L.C

Just peeped this documentary out, and was glad to see you in it. I always heard your name as a adjective. I never knew you actually existed. Appreciate the jewels you dropped in the film as well. I well be sure to use all the bread crumbs you dropped, as I try to make my name in the design and fashion industry. Thank you again, #FrenchKissIntimates

Dapper Dan

@proudauntyyy Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you. Yes


@dapperdanharlem I love love loveeeddd this documentary!!! Like others, I truly believe it was YOU who spearheaded the merger of luxury brands & street style ... #salute #legend 🙏🙏 ..one question....was the legendary "alpo coat" @mr_camron wore in "Paid in full" the actual one you designed & made for alpo Martinez?