Jodi Cobb

TBT. National Geographic photography staff at the Photo Seminar 1981. Includes Bob Gilka, Director of Photography, Gil Grosvenor and legendary Editor Bill Garrett. @davidalanharvey in background, Bruce Dale at left, and other legends. Emory Kristof, who found the Titanic, upper right. These were the giants of photography at the time, and wonderful colleagues who taught me everything. But note the overwhelming number of women. We've come a long way since then. Please go see or read about the Women of Vision exhibition, now at the Field Museum in Chicago, featuring 11 notable women currently shooting for National Geographic. #womenofvision

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Sorprendentemente gran historia

Maggie Steber

DAH had a hair and a lot of it


Explicably good picture, class and fashion at once!

C Bach

There's my dad! Vic Boswell❤

Cheryl Schiltz

First thing I noticed was: where are the women, the magnificently talented women?

Jodi Cobb

@pablophotoart Jim Stanfield is standing behind me, in the tan jacket and full beard.

Warrior Princess Daughter

Before even reading I noticed all the women. Yuck!