Jodi Cobb

I’ve worked in 65 countries during my long career at National Geographic, and it’s been fascinating to watch the dramatic changes in so many places, especially those that had been immune to post-industrial influences for a long time. A group in Papua New Guinea hitches a ride to a "sing sing” in the highlands. They will perform their songs and dances at a huge gathering of tribal peoples, originally begun to try to pacify these warring tribes. A beautiful and surreal sight, almost like a vase of flowers on wheels. #papuanewguinea @thephotosociety

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En tu web he visto una que me ha tenido un buen rato con la mirada fija en ella. Aquí no la tienes. Pero son bellísimas... Un saludo desde Espaňa

Phil Mosier

I completely understand! Great work.

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Linda Schons

Yes, a vase of flowers! Well said.

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Made my day

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Amazing 💜📷💜📷💜📷💜📷💜📷

Jodi Cobb

@hanoo_ hi Hana! Of course I remember you! I was just looking at pix of you recently. So cute! Thanks for getting in touch. I had recently reconnected with your mom! Would love to see you all again.