Dapper Dan

In 1985, a young designer came to my store seeking guidance. He had incredible talent and electric ambition, so I took him under my wing. I let him design and produce his own t-shirts in my store and sell them to the various entertainers that would come to shop with me. After mastering his craft, he went on to open his own store in Harlem, design the @BadBoyEnt logo for @IamDiddy, and create a huge movement with his own line called #Ferg54. That movement also changed lives by creating lots of jobs for people in our communities. Years later, his son, @ASAPFerg, is one of the biggest names in hip hop and I could not be more proud. #Harlem

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Urban Outfitters Herald Square

Kelz Law

Pay it Forward!!



Rashad "Rafi" Charles



Love to hear stories like these...keep it going

Skateboard C

Time is a flat circle 🙌🏾#blessed

Hank Loe

I see now all this shit set up I new you ain't work hard to get on this game crazy give me a chance put me under ur wing