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From the archives. The sealed lips of a Japanese geisha symbolize the secrecy of her world. Some years ago I spent six months over a three-year period documenting the hidden lives of these women who are now considered the guardians of the highest of Japanese traditional culture in an ever-evolving role in society. I was the first photographer given access to their geisha houses, dances and parties. A geisha trains her entire life in the arts of music, dance, tea ceremony and conversational skills, as her main job is to entertain at the business functions of the richest and most powerful men of Japan. There are very few geisha today (no one knows how many), down from 80,000 in the 1920’s, and now they enter that world by personal choice. But as I got to know the older geisha, I found that many had not entered the geisha world by choice, but by adversity and even tragedy—sold by destitute parents, or abandoned, or born to a prostitute or courtesan. But through discipline and talent the geisha created a life of beauty, becoming the image of the perfect woman, a living work of art. And that was the source of her pride, and her survival. From my book “Geisha: the Life, the Voices, the Art.” @thephotosociety #geisha

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