Dapper Dan

Great to take part in today's #BlackFashionDesigners Symposium, presented by @museumatfit.

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Fashion Institute of Technology

Roderick Reyes

You came to FIT!! Damn I missed this :(


Hi:) Your profile is pretty awesome !!! Can't wait to see you next photo:)



Taurie Small

I was in the audience on this day ...you were/are such an inspiration. And I think the best is yet to come for you. I read your story in The NY Times...😉#fashionicon #ourcultureandstyleisadmiredbymany

Canon Garcia

Amazing. Contact me sir. I have not seen you since I was 6 years old. You STILL are the sharpest man I've ever known

Bryans Brothers

Much love and respect to the great @dapperdanharlem

Megalina Walker

Gucci just gave u a shout out for using your design. #Heavy