Frans Lanting

“Home Sweet Home” Emperor penguins are among the hardest birds in the world to get to.  Their colonies are scattered around the edges of Antarctica and often far inland from open water, which makes them difficult to reach by ship. For our expedition we chartered a Twin Otter on skis with an experienced ice pilot from the Yukon. After we spotted a colony on the Weddell Sea ice, we landed the plane at a respectable distance and set up camp for a month. It was a bare-bones camp, but who needs luxury when you can be with emperor penguins 24/7!  The weather was rough.  During one ferocious blizzard, I had to hang on to the poles on the inside to make sure the tent wouldn’t blow away. Stay tuned for more images and stories of wild places and wildlife. @natgeo @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Antarctica #Ice #HomeSweetHome #Camping #NationalCampingMonth

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Suzanne Campbell

Aaaaaah thanks for clarifying that... i had tentatively thought that was the case but didn't like to presume! Your 'wedding photography' IG page has such beautiful landscapes- it was an easy follow. There's SO many IG landscapes out there with lots of filters etc applied. Clearly you are a professional photographer... I love the honesty of your shots if that makes sense. Anyway, I'll continue to enjoy your images on IG. Many thanks! 😊

Michael & Sigourney

@suzannecampbellglass ha yeah, one is my personal, the other is for my business I recently set up with my fiancee. Will be posting more on that one with wedding photos :)

Suzanne Campbell

@whitesel_photography_uk ... just realised you've got two IG pages... am I correct? 💎✨💎😊

Michael & Sigourney

@suzannecampbellglass lol! Gotta love them hedgehogs!


The most amazing beautiful awesome photo 🐧 ❄️🖤



Suzanne Campbell

Wow - respect! You go to extraordinary lengths to reach the wildlife. I just lie on my kitchen floor in the dark to watch the hedgehogs in my garden visit their feeding station on the patio!! 😊