Jodi Cobb

Unseasonal Acqua Alta (high water in English) in Venice today--it usually occurs in autumn. This photograph was taken on assignment for @natgeo a couple years ago in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Place) for the article "Vanishing Venice." That iconic square is the lowest place in Venice, and becomes deceptively beautiful when flooded. Acqua Alta is caused by when seasonal rain, astronomical tides and strong winds combine to interfere with the water outflow from the lagoon. The first record of this phenomenon was in the year 782 and it has been documented ever since, with the record level in 1966 of 6.4 feet. Human activity has contributed to the other natural causes: subsidence (natural sinking of soil level) and rising sea levels. #Venice #acquaalta @natgeo @thephotosociety

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Daniel Epperson

@steph_epp glad this didn't happen while we were there!

Maggie Steber

Beautiful. And I just saw you at Nick's opening thanks to Instagram story by DAH