Frans Lanting

At the awesome amphitheater of South America’s Iguassu, many spectacular waterfalls plunge down to form one of the world’s natural wonders, equally powerful whether viewed from the Argentinian or Brazilian side of the falls. Known as Iguaçu in Brazil and as Iguazú in Argentina, the falls straddle the border of the two countries, both of which protect these thundering waters with contiguous national parks that draw millions of visitors each year. I made this photograph at dawn, when the landscape was saturated with water vapor from an overnight rainstorm mixed with mist rising from the falls. @natgeo @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Iguassu #Iguaçu #Iguazú #Waterfall #Beauty #Wonder

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Iguassu, Misiones, Argentina

Annette Cornelisse

So sad they've made a disneyland of these falls with trains and playgrounds etc. Such a different feeling than walking around vic falls

João Loureiro

Super fantastic





Marie Frankel


João Matheus

Spectacular !!! I'm Brazilian and still haven't made it there yet