Frans Lanting

Since we started posting images and stories on Instagram a year ago, it has been utterly gratifying to Chris Eckstrom and me to receive your responses. It has been heartwarming to learn how many of you share our passion for celebrating the natural world and our concern about keeping our living planet healthy for nature and for ourselves. Yesterday we reached a milestone with our Instagram endeavors when we reached half a million followers. We would like to say thanks to all of you around the world and hope you will stay with us as we continue to explore the world and share our experiences and insights with you. #gratitude #inspire #nature #naturelovers #explore #earth #celebrate #create @ChristineEckstrom @thephotosociety

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Marisol Cuerva

👏👏👏Nice speach!!

Jiaya Flammia

Congrats to you both ... Love your photos ... 💞

Yadira Beckles🇵🇦

Your picture are rare and unique ❤️❤️

Stacy Ratel

I'm looking forward to your Audubon gallery showing very much.


Love your photos. Congratulations! !!


You are one of the most sensitive photographer of N. G. You show us that the human beings are not the centre of our planet. I love your photographer.

Maisa Portelinha Villas Boas

Obrigada por compartilhar as maravilhas que o mundo nos oferece, mas nem sempre temos acesso. Sucesso!👏👏👏