Frans Lanting

Photo by @FransLanting Magic light is what I look for all the time to add an exclamation mark to my images. It can occur at dawn or dusk, when light gives way to shadows or vice versa, but in slot canyons it happens in the middle of the day. Here’s another image from one of those temples of nature. Shafts of light suffused with dust can penetrate deep into a narrow canyon whose sandstone walls are shaped by water over time. Sunlight from high above reflects back and forth between the walls and creates an ethereal luminosity deep down below like a cathedral illuminated through stained glass windows. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of these special places. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #beauty #awesome #amazing #colors #nature #picoftheday #earth #light #inspiration

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Jane Dancho

Beautiful 😍😍

Dayna Klee

What a stunning shot!🔥😍


Beautiful 😍

Hüsniye Yılmaz Gündoğdu

orange and turun all tones spectacula👍


My favourite photo :-) amazing ♥