Frans Lanting

By crawling towards them on hands and knees, I was able to get close to these two wild stallions as they were rearing up and testing each other’s strength. I trusted that they were aware enough of my proximity to avoid trampling me as they danced around each other. The Oostvaardersplassen Nature Reserve in the Netherlands has become a remarkable habitat for large grazing mammals that once roamed wild across Western Europe. @natgeotravel @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Horse #WildHorses #Oostvaardersplassen #aggression #wild #restoration #fight

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Deborah ✨

WoW such strength 🐴✨💙

Claire Penelope

I love your photos.


Inspiring shots of wild nature. Fascinating 😍Thank you for the great job 👏🏻

Lúcia Derenusson


Ʌwi Rabelista

Where can I find this picture in high-res ?

Megan Torgersen

THis is beautiful!