O'Neill Sea Odyssey

A big problem in our contemporary education system is the exclusion of place and what the students experience in that place. “What passes for knowledge is little more than abstraction piled on top of abstraction, disconnected from tangible experience, real problems, and the places where we live and work..There [must be] coordination of senses and thought, and also a reciprocal influence between brain activity and material creative activity." Learning in the field makes it more likely for the student to grow into a steward of the environment and understand the needs of their place. The time spent on board the O’Neill Sea Odyssey is providing exactly this tangible experience for students all around Santa Cruz county and the central coast. Here, students feel a sea-otter’s pelt and understand its value in history and the reason for why we preserve and protect their habitat today. Quote from the book "Ecological Literacy: Education and the Transition to a Postmodern World"