O'Neill Sea Odyssey

Our grand prize winner for our Ocean Steward Art Contest is Yoltzin Delgado and her piece “Save the Marine Life" from @bouldercreekschool! In the piece we see the negative impacts of ocean pollution and large-scale trawler fishing as compared to an ocean where marine life is thriving. Conveyed beautifully, Yoltzin shows how individual choices result in very different environmental outcomes. As this year's winner, she and her teacher will each receive family passes for a sail on the Team O’Neill catamaran! Check out the blog post for more on the drawings and contest, link in bio!

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Boulder Creek Elementary

City Of Monterey, California

Love it!! 😍😍👏👏🚯🚯

Sean Goral

That's an amazing perspective from a young mind! Degradation versus conservation... serious respect to the student, @bouldercreekschool and @oneillseaodyssey! The guiding principle to conservation biology is optimism! I love to see the optimistic part of the drawing on the right