Grand Ole Opry

Making your #Opry debut at age 13, the same day you sign a record deal in Nashville, makes today a GREAT DAY for @teganmarieofficial! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

💬 17Juno
Grand Ole Opry


We ( my step daughter and I) think your is awesome!

Nickie Leasure

She is a a cross between Taylor Swift and Leann Rimes !! She is going to go far!



Nickie Leasure

Me and my Mom were there last night !! She is amazing!!

Donna Lemanski

Congratulations! Two great things in one day happened for you😊 Be careful to keep both feet on the ground and not let fame and money destroy you as it has so many young people before you.🙏😊

Amy Gregory

@opry @teganmarieofficial Congratulations!!! What a great night, so happy for you honey!