Frans Lanting

Photo by @franslanting This is a small section of one of the most complex rock art sites in the American Southwest. Over a period of thousands of years people carved images and stories into the rocks delivering to us a bewildering mosaic of how they lived with nature. What you do not see in this image is the damage done in more recent times when people vandalized these messages from the past. This site is one of the many precious places administered by the US Federal Bureau of Land Management, which operates its protection programs on a shoe string budget. And now BLM's resources are being shifted from protection to extraction to enable oil and gas deposits to get monetized. If you care about the American legacy of public lands for future generations, please speak up and become part of the conversation. Follow me @franslanting for more coverage of precious places. @natgeo @natgeotravel @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #MonumentsForAll #beauty #nature #naturelovers #wilderness #America #Conservation

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😡don't understand people that have to be destructive. History lost forever 🌹

Patti Quinn

Shame on people who destroy this ancient history..

Bridgette Jerome Patterson

The damage on this panel is heartbreaking - as well as is others in the area. Interestingly, there is an Anasazi panel in the vicinity that seems to have been vandalized by the Fremont.

Usha Brasil

I definitely, think that the people should wake up and try everything possible to stop the destruction of places like that and it should be a law, no matter what administration is in power, that would protect the parks and last forests of this country! After all is not a government land but a land for all that has to be preserved for generations to come!

Usha Brasil

By the way, this administration is already trying to defund the US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)! How terrible is that!?!