That feeling 💪🏽😆 #COYS #heretocreate

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Lorenzo Delpech

t'es trop beau

Jetmir Ramaj

@philippe__coutinho11 Hahaha Who cares for him... we're playing without him... You have to suck our dick and we'll still wont sell him to you... Cry baby Neymar is gone... Coutinho wont leave because he will play for LFC U21... CanibalSuarez is out for a month hopeful he will get injured for all the season... BARCADOGS CAPITULATED. FUCK YOUR SISTER.


@jetmirramaj1 awe u mad bitch that u going lose him and yeah sure £200M. Go suck on his dick then he will stay so STFU

Jetmir Ramaj

@philippe__coutinho11 fuck off you barcadog .. You also have to pay 200 million for CUNTinho