"Drag changed my life, fashion changed my life, and the fact that I am a part of something like @RuPaulsDragRace, which has inspired people and changed people's lives—it's such a ridiculous feeling. I'm so honored to be a part of that. To see kids, 7, 8 years old running around here with their parents accepting them wanting to dress up in drag. Biological females wanting to dress up in drag. Everybody supporting the art that we have come to cherish is such a beautiful thing. I feel like the future of drag is just going to be ridiculous. The kids that are here, the support that we have. I never had any of that. My whole life would have changed if I had." -@theonlydetox, posing at New York's first @rupaulsdragcon. Photographed by @charlieengman.

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Awesome! Love it!💚


@chigo_121 do you know her

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@multi.sanostol lol, there's always gotta be one...


@multi.sanostol it's like you never even heard of bio queens before

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Καλημέρα το μουνι θέλει γαμησι με πουτσο και άρχιδια τι.το.καλυτερο.και.φυσιολογικο

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@patrickmcweeney omg these are all amazing!!!!!! Vogue!!!!!!