Anastasia Beverly Hills

🎥 Glow to full capacity ☀️ @thefashionfreakk always beautiful ❤️ GLOW: Liquid Glow shades 🌞Bronzed 🌞Perla 🌞Peach Fizz ✨ brushes A7 and A30 FOUNDATION: ABH Stick Foundation in Warm Tan using brush A30 Song: Galimatias- Blowback #liquidglow

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Wtf. Uh no

Melanie Mathews

I hate the pose with the fingers up to the face! Why do these girls keep doing it. It is so annoying and ridiculous.

Samantha Tofft

This was painful to watch


Hate the faces they pull at the end trying to look seductive, it's kinda cringe. But if that works for her skin then good on her.


We need to discuss her process of make up, highlight before foundation????? I'm so confusedddd @marvasss_