"[Cass Bird] has a direct and collaborative relationship with her subjects, so their joy is her joy, and both are reflected in the capture. For all the nudity and naughty gestures, there is never a sexual moment. Nudity and intimacy are uncoupled from sexualization in her work, which is both an intuitive and a deliberate choice. There is very little distance between Cass Bird and her subjects–hence the title, In Bed–but that closeness is about boundless sensuality not latent eroticism. It is a deft, delicate line to draw, and one which has come to define her as one of the most important photographers of her generation," writes Vogue's Sally Singer about @cassblackbird's new exhibition at @redhooklabs, which opens today.

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Helmut Newton would be proud of his successors.


Really cool perspective!

Peter Ndungu

Vogue is and has always been revolutionary!