Jodi Cobb

As Americans celebrate the Labor Day holiday, please spare a thought for the 150 million children worldwide (UNICEF estimate) engaged in child labor. Little construction worker in the country of Benin. Thousands of children in West Africa end up in slavery in the abuse of an old tradition of sending village children to the cities to work in exchange for an education. Instead, they end up as unpaid workers in homes, factories and construction sites. #childlabor #laborday @natgeo @thephotosociety

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Colin Wheeler

Heartbreaking but powerful image. @jodicobbphoto

Usha Brasil

I wonder @jodicobbphoto when you take pictures like these and you learn about these awful lives, do you get more involved trying to help your subject or only take the photo and leave?

Usha Brasil

In USA, the moment a kid is born it is registered and receives a citizen number, called social security number. The government is responsible for every new baby citizen! If the parents don't protect them, don't treat them nicely, don't send them to school, they have to answer to the government why and they can be taking from the parents! People should unite all over the world against child labour and child abuse! Lets stop being being blind to the problem and do something about it!

Usha Brasil

@nadia.shaukat You could start by talking to other mothers, other neighbors, coworkers, or the place you go to pray, to try to organize others to help these kids! How can the people see these children and do nothing? Get together and call the mayor, talk to the local ONGs, write flyers and get out on the streets demanding those constructions sites to be inspected and the owners of construction companies be punished financially on top of spending time in jail. Have a census requiring all children to be counted and make sure they are all in school!

Nadia Shaukat

Thanks Jodi . This is not just Africa this is my country Pakistan too. There is so much child labour. You see children as young as 5/6 working in streets, factories and homes. So much so people have become immune and no one really seems to care about the situation. ❤️ As a mother, scenes like this pierce my heart. Thank you.

Holly Miles

@keily.riata.stewart 💔💔💔 we are so grateful for where we live