Grand Ole Opry

Congratulations to all our #Opry members on their @cma award nominations! We couldn't be more proud! 👏👏

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✨Shae Barger™✨

It’s honestly wrong to judge an artist based on their sound. Not all music has to sound the same. That’s what makes it unique. Keith urban and Rascal Flatts aren’t pop. They tell the same stories that cash or Vince Gill would tell, they just present it in a different way cause nobody wants the same old same old. They don’t include beer and trucks in all of their lyrics either. In all honesty they are the true definition of country music. Love, fun times and inspiration. Country is a state of mind people. Not a sound. If country was a sound then all of it would sound exactly the same.

✨Shae Barger™✨

Where are these “pop artists” you people speak of?!?

Diane Walker

Why wasn't Blake Shelton nominated again?


Any Real country artist in there besides Reba & Garth? Looks like a bunch of pop artists to me? #hankwouldbarf

Mary Lee Ellis🐢🌴🌼

What about Miranda Lambert? @opry when will she be a member?