Kat Von D Beauty

How do YOU like to use our Lock-it Concealer Crème in White Out?!👻

💬 217Normal

Queen D 💕👑

I use it to sharpen underneath my brow line so make it pop more 🖤


Lost my makeup in hurricane Harvey... including my concealer 💔#heartbreak #katvond #thestruggleisreal

Lady Bálor Cosplays

What's the best Lock It Concealer to use if you use Light 44 as your Lock It Foundation?


I mix it in with foundations to make them lighter because I'm so pale!

Monika Hatinová

My face has really bad reaction when I used KVD make up with KVD concealer.. my face get red when I put concealer on makeup like bad chemicals reaction or something ..after I washed it every inch of my skin which was covered by concealer was red ... but when I use single make up or only concealer on my skin its ok.. I cant use them simultaneously.. very dissapointed😭


I like being a clown for Halloween so I like to mix it with the lock it foundation.