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Did you check out our giveaway post?! For every valid entry, we will donate $1 to the Houston SPCA to aid in the rescue of displaced pets from Hurricane Harvey. 🐾🖤 Here's @cranky.ghost with Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw ❤️ @sstrazzere

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Sara Hyma

I'd love to see a picture! I love Siamese cats. My 3 babies passed 1 year after the other from old age.

Sara Hyma

Too funny! Looks like my little guy I had in my 20's. His name was Alex. A flame point Himalayan.

Otaymah Bonds

So cute but destructive

£€🕊Mona🍋 d€

Entered - wish our pets wouldn't eat all the lippies first tho lol 🐱🐶@katvdbeauty