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"Storytellers restore order with imagination, and instill hope again, and again, and again!" (Walt Disney) ______________________________________________________________ I've continued to think about everyone in Florida, those in Texas beginning to rebuild, and honestly the information changes so much it can shift direction/size, and I just put prayer and deep compassion for all of Florida and those effected due to travel, or have family there etc. But I was waiting to check out and a lady asked me what I thought of this weather - and I said, it's unusual, but most things are these days. And the clerk said "yeh - well at least the Hurricane wasn't as bad as they thought it would be." And I said - well that's easy for us to say - but we're not there living with it either. It is a reminder for me - that storms mirror our human experience (life) as well. But that metaphor (Life/storm) brings chaos into life - and when it's not ours to work through, it can be quick to dismiss it as "negative" "positive" "inspiration" "drama" -and the truth is, we're not living with it either. But I can hold my own heart with compassion for walking through its own storms, that I never saw coming then I'm wholeheartedly compassionate everyone in personal and coastal storms. I videoed a #BTS clip at rehearsal today, and hope that it is received however it is needed - may it be an answered prayer - may it symbolize cleansing / rebuild or rebirth, but we are holding you all with love & peace in this moment // let us hold each other. ______________________________________________________________ @stephen_salyers @casonofficial @caleblovely @aruckus @kinghank_ @iamjoshreynolds @jamesbaymusic ______________________________________________________________ #sovereignteen #yearofss #EverythingIsEverything #hurricaneirma #hurricaneharvey #HoldBackTheRiver #jamesbay #BTS #rehearsal

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Hurricane Maria