Grand Ole Opry

No one else lights up the #Opry stage like @lukebryan does! 🔥

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Grand Ole Opry

Devin Templeton

Luke Bryan isn't a country singer

Alicea Smith

It is so true



Bonnie Gipson

Oh by the way this event was for the kids of @stjude @stjudeschildrenshospital @stjudeshospital .....

Millie Pickelmann

That is so true

Bonnie Gipson

Reading these comments make me happy and sad. Why is there so much negativity. Music is music, it doesn't matter who or how sings it. We are all made different for a reason. I love @lukebryan but I also was raised and still listen to Waylon, Johnny, Hank SR., and King George, etc. However, everyone is entitled to there opinion. I truly believe that Luke was very honored to be there. The Opry hold special memories for him as that is truly the last place he saw his sister and get a picture with her. I would love for Luke to be invited to join the @opry but if he isn't oh well. We all need to start exactly what everyone talks kind too one another.