#Rapamania HURRICANE IRMA SARASOTA COUNTY. WELCOME HOME... Well we finally made it home after leaving Rahiem house noon on Monday Atlanta Georgia we got home at 9am tuesday morning. BIG PROBLEM. WE CAN'T GET INTO OUR BLOCK. SO THE FEMA TRUCK & CREW BROUGHT US TO THE HOUSE.. CARS ON THE CORNERS .. After leaving Georgia there was "NO GAS" at all in Florida Interstate 75. So that mean sleeping in the car on the side of the highway. The kids were like Duh...Lol.. We finally got gas at 7:30am this morning. OK This dude was trying to sell me 2 gallons for $45.00 but I need 3 to at least get home...SMDH HOPE EVERYONE IN FLORIDA & OTHER STATES AFFECTED ARE OK. VANSILK #HurricaneIrma #HurricaneHarvey

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Prince Derick

I didn't hear from you. I thought everything was okay.

Prince Derick

Glad you're okay and the fam